Terrific Wedding Planning Ideas That Are Affordable

Great weddings can cost a small fortune, but for the couple with a tight budget, a fabulous wedding can still be planned without straining the finances. There are many elements that must be taken into account when starting to plan a wedding and it is very important not to overlook anything so that you won’t be forced at the last minute to fork out a huge amount of money to pay for wedding favors, for example.

Wedding favors are small tokens of appreciation that the bride and groom give to the guests as a token of thanks for joining them on their special day. This tradition dates back to the 13th century when brides gave small boxes of sugar cubes to the female guests who attended her wedding. Wedding favors can range from small ceramic dishes, photo frames to a small assortment of fine chocolates. Try to select wedding favors that are inexpensive, yet elegant. You can even choose to make your own wedding favors if you wish, which could include potpourri mixes or specially decorated tea light holders.

Bridal supplies can be purchase quite easily online. There are many companies who specialize in wedding supplies of all kinds ranging from decorations, place settings, centerpieces, and invitations. If you choose to use the internet to find things for your wedding, then do take the time to shop around a bit as the prices vary greatly as does the assortment. Some bridal supply stores offer discounted shipping if you order multiple items, so be sure to take advantage of such offers.

A fun and exciting part of the entire wedding planning process is planning a great bridal shower. This is a very special event for the bride-to-be and her guests so you want to make it great fun! Bridal shower games make the event lively, entertaining and loads of great fun. Some of the simplest and least expensive games are actually the most fun. All you need to do is provide everyone at the shower with a pencil and paper and have a few small prizes on hand for the winners. You can play a bridal trivia game wherein you ask the guests various questions about the up-coming wedding such as which flowers the bride has chosen, what is the bride’s favorite movie, etc. When the question asking is over, you simply compare notes as a group and the prize is awarded to the person who answered the most questions correctly.

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