The Pros And Cons Of Having A Small Wedding

It’s been in every girl’s dream to have a great wedding someday. And I know all of them have the perfect wedding all planned out. But putting your dreams into reality could sometimes pose some problems and you end up with the next best thing. If you won’t settle for the next best thing then you might want to choose having a small yet divine wedding.

Having a small wedding doesn’t mean that it should be simple and not be the dream wedding you want to have. Unless you really dream of having a big and very expensive wedding then this just won’t satisfy you. I think it’s more practical now to just hold a small yet chic wedding. Most famous stars choose to have a very intimate and simple wedding. Just having the close family members of both parties and a few close friends are just invited. The important thing is that you’re sharing the most important day of your life to the persons that are also dear to you. Just have the people who really matter. Small weddings could be practical because you’ll save a lot of money. I know that most people are willing to spend money just to have that perfect wedding. But having a perfect wedding doesn’t mean it would cost you. And planning out the wedding would be easier compared with having a large wedding. Besides, if you dreamt of having a wedding out of town, then keeping your guest list short would be to your advantage also. And you could also have a wide variety of after the wedding party because of your small number of guests. You can spend the money you’ll be saving from the wedding to your honeymoon and enjoy your new life together.

There are some down sides on having a small wedding also. It’s not all good like everything else. It got some catch to it. First thing is that if you belong to a large family then you have to decide who gets invited and who doesn’t. Then you’ll be in an awkward state after the wedding when a certain relative learned about it and ask why they didn’t get invited. Having a small wedding would also mean that you really have to have a hands-on to every detail of the event. Although you also will have to do these on all forms of weddings yet it could cause some problems. Having a small wedding could also mean that there will be fewer gifts which the couple would receive. But you’ll still have the last say on what or how you want your wedding to be. After all, this is your wedding, right? This would only guide you to make the right decision. Having a small wedding have its own advantages and disadvantages also so know what you really want and let the rest be taken cared of. It’s a battle of intimacy and extravagance, practicality and luxury. The most important thing is that the most important event of your life would be worth remembering.

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