Utlilizing Wedding Planning Websites

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task, so you want to use all of the tools you have at your disposal to help you get organized. The internet can be an excellent source of information and tools, just a few of which are outlined below:

1) Guest List

Many websites will allow you to input name and address information for the guests you intend to invite to your wedding. This can be extremely helpful, because if you are using an online service, you typically can enter in all of your guest information from any computer with an internet connection. This process saves you from having to keep track of all of the information in a spreadsheet that can only be accessed from your home computer or another portable storage device, such as a jump drive.

When looking at websites, be sure that they allow you to track all of the information that you wish to keep up with (including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses). You also want to make sure that the site allows you to enter the names of children that might be invited to the wedding. It is also helpful if the site keeps track of the number you people you have invited and lets you track RSVPs.

2) Do It Yourself Projects

You may wish to save money on some aspects of your wedding be doing things yourself. There are many resources on the internet that can help you get ideas and step by step instructions. Some examples of things that can be easily done yourself are flower arrangements, wedding favors, and printing your own invitations and programs.

3) Budget

When you make a list of all of the things you will need to pay for when planning a wedding, trying to decide how much to pay for one thing, such as the band, can be very daunting. Every wedding is different and therefore, the costs to throw it are different. However, many websites have excellent tools that will allow you to put in the amount you plan to spend on your whole wedding. They will then give you a ballpark idea of how much you should spend on each aspect, such as the photographer, or your dress, or music.

Keep in mind that it is OK to deviate from the suggested numbers. However, if you aim to stay on track with your budget, if you overspend in one area, you will have to cut costs in another area.

4) To Do Lists

Sample To-Do lists can be an excellent resource for a bride-to-be. Mostly, they give you an idea of things that you need to be thinking about, and they also help you prioritize what to tackle first. Some sample to-do lists contain hundreds of small details to take care of, while others only provide you with the “big picture” and expect you to fill in the details on your own. You should choose the style that works best for you.

5) Tips and Tricks on Vendor Interviews

When you first start talking to photographers and DJs and bakeries, it is hard to know what to ask and what to expect. Many online resources can provide you with a list of things to ask during your vendor interviews. These lists often cover small details that you might not think about on your own, but which can save you time and money. In addition, they give you tips on items that you want spelled out in your vendor contract. They also often provide tips on how to save money on certain items.

6) Proper Etiquette

Throughout the wedding planning process, many brides ask themselves “is it OK to……?” While there have been many books written on this subject, the internet is also full of FREE resources to help you answer these questions. Just be sure to keep the source of the advice in mind when you decide whether or not to take it. As an example, an article by Emily Post is a much more reliable resource than an anonymous post in an online chat-room on a wedding planning website.

7) Unique Ideas

Many brides want to have one aspect of their wedding be unique and something that you don’t see at every event you attend. Wedding planning websites provide an abundance of information and ideas. They can help you find ways to customize your ceremony or to find a special way to entertain your guests at the reception.

All in all, you can easily find dozens of online resources to help you plan your wedding. Many sites can help you in all aspects of your wedding planning and can be your “core resource.” Other sites may only prove helpful for one small detail, but you may find that it is the detail that makes your whole wedding. Don’t be afraid to explore what the web has to offer and don’t limit yourself to just one resource.

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