Wedding Planning – How To Manage Kids At A Wedding Reception?

Wedding is a function when entire family gets together and celebrates the happy moments. So the wedding planning should be done keeping this point in mind. People from every age group come to attend wedding parties and many of them have small kids which can not be left home with baby sitters. Or may be you have small kids from your previous wedding and you do not want to ignore their presence and let them enjoy the event with you, then you must make well arrangements while doing wedding planning. There are some useful ideas to make your event comfortable for kids and their parents.

Create a play area: it is a very good way to keep the kids busy and happy during the function. Arrange a room for kids with lots of activities and soft toys so the kids keep themselves busy. Make sure there should be no sharp or harmful tool around the play area because it becomes difficult to have a constant eye on kids in a party and kids usually get ignored by their parents in such events. So add this point in your list while wedding planning.

Baby sitter: you can make arrangements for a baby sitter for small kids who can take care of small kids while you enjoy the wedding. Try to arrange a person for baby sitting who is known to the kids and their parents so that the parents can and over their kids to the baby sitter comfortably.

Children’s activity: it is really not fair that the parents enjoy the event while their kids screaming for them in hands of baby sitter so arrange some sort of activities for kids like games or arrange some art stuff so they do not get bored and have fun.

Kid’s movie:while wedding planning add a TV screen in your list and arrange the screen in a corner, keep a few DVDs of different kid’s movie so the kids over 10 years of age can pass their time in having fun.

Kid’s meal: while making guests list, make sure to count the number of kids and arrange kid’s meal for them what ever the menu for the guests be. Make meal boxes for them containing variety of attractive food; kids love French fries mostly so do not forget to add this food item in their meal boxes.

You can make your wedding event go smoothly if you focus on these small points and keep your guests more comfortable and make your wedding planning perfect.

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